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Buying a 06 Legacy 2.5i LTD

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Hi all,


First time posting here. I've been in the process of buying a 2006 Legacy 2.5i limited since saturday. The dealer actually gave me the car for a 24 hour test drive and it runs great.


I took it to some windy back roads and now I'm hooked.


Anyways, there are two things wrong with the car.


1. The passenger side power seat is not working.

2. The front power outlet is not working (the one in the armrest box works)


I've checked both fuses and that's not the problem. I quoted the seat from Subaru and they said it would be around 600+labor to fix it.



My question is, if the dealer refuses to fix this before I buy it, should I refuse?


If anyone has exp with these problems happening and a cheaper alternative for fixing it, advice would be greatly appreciated.





(btw price of the car is 10k total, thats including tax title tags etc. Car has 95.2k miles)

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