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Need confirmation...


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my guess is that it will fit but you'll have to roll the fenders. there should be no problems with inboard clearance.


i'm currently running 245/40-18 on 18x9.5" +38mm offset wheels and stock suspension. no rubbing, but only have about a centimeter of clearance between the tire and the strut. hopefully the racecomp coilovers i ordered will show up soon.

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are our OEM 18" x 7" wheel +52mm offset?





KrazyK - OEM rims are 18" x 7.5" +55 offset; the size is cast into the rims. It's a typo in the brochures.


I'm running 18x9s +35 offset, 245/40R18 on RCE Blacks, OEM struts/shocks. No rubbing. at +30 you will need to roll and pull if you will have coil overs and lower.



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