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Hood lip on 1900 legacy L

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Hey guys I'm a dumbass and didn't realize the 1992-93 hoods were longer than the 1989-1991 and I bought a rally sport hood at a junkyard for my 1990, but hey it's a beginners mistake. Anyways, I need an easy way to put a lip on the hood and bring it down farther over the grille and headlights. Ideas? Can't post a pic from my iPhone right now
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Does it have a hood scoop or something? Where

do you live? Someone here will probably buy it

off of you.


They have a different shape in general, I believe.

The headlights dont fit the same and they're also

longer on the 92-94's ;) You'd be better off getting

a different hood than trying to make that one work.

Although you could take the better looking fenders,

grille, side markers and headlights from the 90-91 and

transplant them. You may need the bumper too though.

Not sure about that.

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