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'12 Acura TSX vs. '11 Legacy

That Guy 2-1

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For legality issues ... the following is fiction...


Mine's a 2011 2.5i Premium and my buddies is a 2012 4-cyl TSX with the sport package ... wheels/body kit.

TSX has 30hp on me but is also about 200lbs heavier.

Coming home last night at about 1am, there was nobody on the road and we just happened to get a light together. I had the wife with me too, but we said we'd do a short run. Not much driver involvement except keeping the cars going straight. He's an auto and was in D, mines a CVT and was in D. Light turns green and we both punch it. I hear his front tires chirp, and then the traction control kick in; I shoot out like a lazy bat out of one of the lesser hells, tires just grip and roll (19"s). Through the intersection and I'm half a car on him. I was expecting his VTEC to kick in (YO!) and him start gaining, but the CVT put the engine at its sweet spot and it just kept pulling and pulling; at a racing snail's pace, just heard his gear shifting. Everything was over by about 60-70mph but I had about a car on him by the end. He may have started gaining on me on the top end had we kept going though, but that's not the point.


Dammit, forgot to use the flashers!!!

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Why does this need to be fiction? Clearly neither car is capable of breaking any speed laws, at least not in the average driver's lifetime. Maybe if given 100 years or so they could get up to a high enough speed to warrant a speeding citation, but I doubt it.
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k, I'll bring a 600hp Silverado on bags. it's got a tow hitch so it can't be that fast; that HP is for towing




also turns out he wasn't racing me cos he was afraid there were cops. Maybe so, but I still won, lol

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