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Couple of plasti dip (+chrome) questions


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I know there's a few guys on here who've used plasti dip so I was hoping for some advice. Oh, by the way it's $7 a can in the US and $30 a can here, if I can find it!


Was planning on making a custom grille and got a cheap one to use but the chrome is peeling and I was wondering...


Would the plasti dip would cover the slight unevenness in the surface or

Do have to smooth it?


If smoothing is required...


Should I try sanding or filling it?

If filling is better can I use something cheap and dodgy seeing as I'll be plasti dipping it?


Second part is about wheels, I have a serious brake dust problem and keeping the wheels clean is a ridiculous PITA, if I clear coat them would they be easier or harder to keep clean (does the rubbery surface hold the dust worse)? Also is the clear coat a very noticeable matte finish?


And lastly, my hubs are rusty, does plasti dip stick to a rough, rusty surface and if I sprayed it on the hubs would it peel off the smooth brake disc and separate cleanly at the hub?


Thanks in advance.


Here's a pic of what the chrome looks like (not my grille but similar), the difference in surface height is not huge, think a thin piece of paper, but it would be probably be visible after a few coats of regular paint.



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Thanks, I ended up sanding it down anyway... but now I have a real problem.


The first couple of coats went on well, but then it went pear shaped. Seemed like it was going on with bubbles or like a powder (looked more grey than black). I persevered, cleaned the nozzle and it seemed to improve a little but still looked like balls, then when I got near the end of the can I just kept spraying to at least make it even.


What's going on here? Maybe I didn't leave enough time between coats and put too much on?


Should I buy another can and spray over it as it is? Try to peel it off and start again?


This stuff costs $30 a can here so I'm not too keen on messing up again, was planning to do the headlights and rain visors too but now I'm hesitant.


EDIT: found this on the net, it was blowing a gale outside, maybe that caused the initial roughness and from there I was f*cked...


Your going to have to peel it and try again because once its rough its impossible to get smooth. The easiest way to remove the tough spots is bug and tar remover. The further away from the surface you are trying to paint the rougher the plastidip will look. You might want to try and spray closer to get the smoother finish.


How it first looked when the spray went tits up...




After I finished the can...




You can see different finishes here, part is rough, part smooth...



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looks like to close and too quickly. its important to do thin layers. also outdoors in the wind was probably not a great idea either. just peel it and start again


Agreed. Take your time and keep the can about 12 inches away. Do several lights coats at different angles as opposed to a few heavy coats. Wait at least 15 minutes between coats. Use a flashlight to shine on it to tell if it is still wet. If it's shiny, grab a beer and wait.

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Turns out it was mainly the wind and not leaving enough time between coats. I shifted inside and it was a lot better. Also when the can gets near the end I think it causes a similar effect.


Starting to get the hang of it but still not as easy as people make out - or perhaps I'm trying to get it too perfect.


I actually found I got the best results by putting on a thicker layer, getting it shiny. After 2 coats on the headlights they looked great so I was afraid to give them another!






And I did the rain visors, got them looking near perfect but because of the angles the top edge was too thin so in trying to fix it I've messed them up and need to go over them again. Argh.



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