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Clutch Issue

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So my clutch pedal sticks to the floor and I cant put my car in gear. It doesn't pop back in place, have to use my hand to pull it back. I checked clutch fluid, it's at max. Was driving the car yesterday all day no problem, clutch was working fine, no problems shifting. Drove downtown last night, as soon as I got off the highway tried to start shifting my car was barely able to get it into gear to park it somewhere. Basically this didn't start happening gradually.


Does anyone know what could be causing this? Most of the research I've done points to either master or slave cylinder. If so how complicated is the repair and what is the cost?

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Doubt it but I think mine just did on Thursday. I've already ordered it but it's acting the same. My fluid turned black. I'm assuming bits of seal since all the parts were brand new. It's the only reason I can think of with the fluid not dropping. Mine bleeds back to the reservoir when I lose pressure. Good luck. Keep me posted.
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This is what I don't get. Why do these cars come with hydraulic clutches. The old 95-96 had cable clutches. Which I think would be more reliable


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Hydraulic systems are, for the most part, reliable. But, like any mechanical system it's bound to fail.


I had a cable in my sentra. It was a total pos. Hydraulic is the way to go. More power and better response. My sentra used to do stupid stuff at high rpm dumps. Hated it. The master cylinder isn't hard to change.


+1. I have a cable clutch mated to a 5-Speed Outback trans and I hate it. Engagement is too far up on the clutch stroke and it feels sticky (Even after greasing all moving joints).


I will surely be swapping in a hydraulic push type trans and clutch from a late model WRX. Gotta love modern engineering. ;)


BUT, on the other hand I've driven some HORRID hydraulic clutch systems. Some make it feel as if you're pushing on a log of warm salami.

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