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is this possible? main relay

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i recently have been having problems with getting crank signal in my car. but i think i located the problem. the main relay. the main relay has two separate circuits that it closes and opens, normally the stock ecu trips the relay but instead now i have in on a switch.


what i think is happening is one circuit is getting contact, which powers things like my ems, and ignition system.....but the other is not getting good contact. i also noticed my fuel pump has stopped priming or even coming on during cranking.


things tend to work when i russle the relay a bit and thing my fuel pump comes on and i get signal and it fires right up. it can also shutdown via jolting the relay around.


is it possible that the main relay could be the cause of my no crank signal and fuel pump priming? its looking like it to me but has anyone else had this relay fail on them. its not exactly an easy to swap part. you gotta remove the dash to get to it. along with the fuel pump relay.

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