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Blown rack and pinion bellows

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Yeah thats the bellows boot for the inner tie rod end.


You need to remove the outer tie rod end and then it will slide off after you take the clips off.


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typically this repair requires a front end alignment after you are done. but there are ways around that.


you have to disconnect the outer tie rod from the hub / knuckle assembly at the wheel, cotter pin, nut and a tool borrowed from auto zone will do it.


now you have to un-screw the outer tie rod end from the inner tie rod. there is a lock nut too. this is where you prevent the need for the alignment. after you have loosened the lock nut. count the number of turns it takes to remove the tie rod end. write the number down. save it.


now you can remove the bellows and install the new one. this can be a little challenging. the bellows to rack fit is usually a tight fit. install the clamps or zip ties provided.


now re-install the tie rod end the exact number of turns it took to remove it. then tighten the lock nut.


re-attach it to the wheel hub / knuckle and off you go.


now do the other side.


good luck.

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Yes! You can mark where the outer tie rods are set on the inners and reinstall in the same place. Remember if you off a 1/4 turn it will affect your alignment. So make sure you don't spin the inner tie rod when you are removing the outer. Easiest thing would be to spend the money and get an alignment from a shop that offers lifetime alignments.
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