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Buddy crashed my car

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98 lgt limited.


Pass side front corner impact. Needs new bumper, headlight, fender.


if i want to get the jdm bumper, and jdm healights. What else do i need? and on ebay i am searching for bd5 jdm parts and those will fit? I am pretty sure that you need the jdm grille piece as well?




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98 lgt limited.


Pass side front corner impact. Needs new bumper,directional corner, fender.......whats cheapest way to do this?


Someone parting out the BD,BGor BK series.

Next junkyard.


Get alignment checked after repairs.



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is all i need to replace the bumper cover? i doubt he damaged anything internally. Just bumper dented and fender dented, and side blinker/headlight broke.


Can i get the projector headlights with stock hood and bumper? I already have removed the grill so that wont be an issue.

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THIS: http://legacygt.com/forums/showthrea...gs-185732.html

GT-B Limited FTW


You won't be obligated to switch to JDM lights, but you will be happier with them than USDM lights. I think if you go with a JDM bumper and beam, you will need to change to a JDM grille though. USDM grille will be too tall unless you have an early gen 2 USDM grille (which I doubt if you are driving a '98 LGT Limited).

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someone hit him, its w.e he is paying for it. and if it was really a nice car then no i wouldnt have let anyone drive it. But its the car my gf is learning to drive on. And it is rusty in the rear and has dents and scratches so. it is what it is.
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cars totaled. call the scrapyard.


sarcastic ass


seriously... found a red wagon with same bumper and headlights and everything. guy wants 500$ says it over heats. so gonna get that and fix it, take the parts to fix this, then beat the piss out of the red one. hahaha

put my broken parts on that.



It's like mine, but shittier!!!




unless someone on here sell me the parts for cheap....and sells me the doors to fix that thing cheap.... haha then i will have 2 subarus!


There is a guy selling parts on SL-i.net and I he has red doors for sale. I just don't remember the year or if they are wagon or sedan...


and i am pretty sure that the blinker is a separate piece from the headlight.


That would be correct sir.





The damage on your car is not that bad at all.


And new fender, bumper cover, blinker housing is all you should need. And based on the damage to the bumper cover I would tear it off and look at the support bar underneath and see if it is bent any or not. If it is, replace that as well.

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