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new Subaru Legacy GT owner

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Hi all..

Just bought a new-to-me 2005 Legacy GT Turbo. It's in beautiful shape with 107k miles.


I've never owned a turbo vehicle before and am wondering what items a newbie might be concerned with.


The only thing I am aware of right now is the pesky sitcky driver window button.


Glad to be here...thanks for the help in advance.

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Really the only thing you need to concern yourself with on these turbo'ed subies is changing your oil frequently enough and using good oil. These turbo'ed engines will consume more oil than an N/A engine; it isn't unusual to burn through a quart between oil changes.
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rear wheel bearings, banjo filter bolt, cat in uppipe if still oem, many other things but those are the big ones or common issue ones.


T-belts done? 107k


can you talk more about the "cat in uppipe"? I'm assuming you mean a catalytic converter?...remember, I'm turbo stupid!


Yes everything on the car is oem.


the dealer did the timing belt, valve covers, tires, shocks, belts, hoses.

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The LGT has 3 catalytic converters. One of them is in the uppipe, which carries exhaust gas from the exhaust manifold to the turbo in order to spin up the turbine. This is extremely restrictive and the uppipe should either be gutted or replaced with an aftermarket piece. There is also some concern that if for some freak reason that cat started to fall apart, it could get sucked into the turbo and destroy it.


The other two cats are in the downpipe, which carries exhaust gasses remaining, after spooling the turbo, out to the rest of the exhaust. A lot of people change out the downpipe to something less restrictive, which will not only add 10/15hp, but will also reduce turbo lag by increasing the speed of the air that flows across the turbine, making the turbo spool up faster.

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Banjo Bolt. If its clogged say goodbye to your turbo.


Also make sure your OCI are consistent. I go every 3k since Im at 122,000 miles using Rotella 6 5w-40


Here's a link to the banjo bolt Walkthrough



And welcome to the site! Enjoy the new Subaru :cool:

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