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replacing the dash lights


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I would like to get a whole set of lights and replace all of them in my gauges, but at autozone, the small ones were 2 bucks a piece and i need 17 of them. So I went to radio shack and they didnt have them. THe guy there said the really small ones probably won't burn out at all.


So, I just bought the four large bulbs in a blue color. They don't match the green ones. THey only illuminate the outsides of the gauges. I think i still need two of the smaller ones. THe left side of the spedometer and the right side of the tachometer are still green and it looks funny.


I'd like to just get a whole new set and make all of it one color, so I think I'll start from scratch.. The blue is nice, but I'd have to get gear shifter light and HVAC lights replaced too. I think I'll just reuse the green condoms that come on the stock lights. but the condoms looked blue thats why i got blue lights but they aparently don't light up blue.


I also have no idea which bulbs I need. None of them have readable print on them. I used 194b for the large type but I don't know what I need for the medium and small bulbs.


I think i have


17 small ones

3 medium ones

4 large ones (194)


99 legacy limited sus


Does anyone know what bulbs I need and where to find a good deal? I can find my own deal if someone just tells me which bulbs I need.


I might be willing to go LED as long as I don't have to cut my own or solder them.

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Radio shack part number 272-1092 #7219 Micro Lamp pack of two; if you're looking for a cheap and easy replacement...just pull the old bulbs out, thread the new ones in, and trim the excess wire off.


Install instructions for the HVAC




Link to a thread discussing replacement LED's from Superbrightleds.com


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OK so I bought those ones I posted and got them hooked up today.. Well, the 194s anyway.. still waiting on the smaller ones in the mail..


man, these things are brighter than anything! It's like if i turn the brightness knob all the way down, they are as bright as the oem lighting on maximum!!! Obviously, this is because LEDs operate way more efficiently on lower levels of electricity than do incadescents.


I must say, I recommend LED's.. In hindsight, I wish I had ordered a different bulb with a more spread out beam

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