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FS: 2007 Ugly wrecked headlights


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FS: Calgary Headlights (damaged)

I have a set of headlights that I've butchered. They're off my 2007 Legacy GT. I tried opening them and clearing them... then opened again to paint... then paint again... then cut in a LED strip, looked terrible, messed up paint etc.


Anyways, they look terrible but nothing is "broken" on them. A person could completely black them out and they'll be fine.


I live in Okotoks but work in Calgary.

Since they're in such great shape, I'm looking to get at least $0 for them.


I'd prefer not to post pictures since they're embarrassing. I can email them to you though.


I thought a reasonable price was to give them away free and haven't taken pictures of them yet. I see my original format for posting was incorrect. I apologize. They are now going in the trash. Sorry if you wanted to experiment with them.

Sorry again for posting incorrectly.

Have a great day everyone.

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I'd prefer not to post pictures since they're embarrassing. I can email them to you though.


it doesn't work that way.




A. Location of item must be listed in your title. Please post the state or province, country, etc where your item is located.



B. Picture/s of the listed item must be loaded to this site within 24-hours of thread posting.

Within 24-hours of posting your thread, you must upload actual pictures of the part(s) you are selling in the current, sellable condition to your for sale thread. These pictures must be loaded to LegacyGT.com

Use the New Reply, Manage Attachments, Browse, Open, Upload process to upload the pictures. Once the ready-for-sale-condition photos are loaded to this site, you may also provide a link to pictures to your part(s) for sale on eBay, or another FS location, provided you have pictures loaded on the site

URLs or a link in lieu of the 24-hour posting requirement will result in the thread being closed

Links to other similar items for sale, and picture(s) from the manufacturer's website are not to be used in any LegacyGT.com FS thread

Misrepresentation of an item is unacceptable and offenders may be permanently banned

C. Post a reasonable price. We are not eBay, nor an auction site, so "make an offer" is not acceptable. Reasonable price means that you have done some research and identified a fair price-point that will actually sell. Requesting "offers" without a reasonable starting point is essentially the same as requesting members to "bid" on your item(s). Listing intentional over-inflated pricing is also NOT allowed and will be subject to closure or infractions.

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it doesn't work that way.
Check your sarcasm meter - it is clearly broken.


OP - this is one of the most awesome FS posts I have in a long time. Thank you for bringing a smile to my face on this very frustrating day!

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