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Amplifier to stock stereo?


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Hi guys.


I am in a little trouble here.


Im trying to installa amplifier to my stock stereo on my 2006 Legacy 2.0..


Ive been looking at some wireing diagrams but can not be sure

about witch one i should follow.


My car is made in october 2006 and has the 2007 body.


If theres anyone out there that could show me a picture or tell me how i could connect the amp to the stock steroe it would be really appriciated.


Thanks in advance.


Best Regards from Iceland.

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Check out ae64.com There is a guy here known as svxdc that has detailed information about Subaru head unit wiring harnesses, and also sells them. Once you have that, it's a matter of getting a line output converter or JL Audio Cleansweep and connecting the amps.
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If you have a separate processor like a cleansweep or an amp that accepts high-level inputs, look into getting a 9-conductor cable to run from the headunit to your equipment. VERY convenient.


Also, x2 to what was posted above.

MODS: PW TMIC, Cobb catted DP, HKS cat-back, AVO filter, Bren e-tune; Konis/Epics, Advan RCII
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