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Need recommendation on paint for front lip trim


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Hi all, my front bumper lip has some dings from steep driveways, etc. I have decided to paint it flat black to be like the previous years' Legacy GT (will follow it with the side skirts and rear bumper lip as time permits, they are removed at the moment. I'm trying for the sleeper look). The lip is more like a pseudo-lip that is part of the bumper, and originally painted the same color as the car.


So far, I have sanded down the lip to plastic and to as close as I could get to the edge of where the lip meets the bumper, which is about half an inch. After sanding it to the plastic, it left a dusty look to the trim from the sanding and paint residue that I couldn't get off. I would have left it that way, if not for the uneven sanding line and the dusty look.


So what I need help on is paint recommendation for a flat matte black plastic trim look for the front lip. Would I achieve the flat black look with just black primer, or do I need some plastic trim paint?


So far I found some RustOleum at Walmart, primer and also "Trim & Bumper Paint", and Krylon Primer. Or should I use something like Plasti-dip, though haven't seen that in the Home Depots around me.

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I have had a ton of success using the Dupli-Color Trim Paint. Goes on easy, primer is a must though, but the end result is pretty surprising for a spray can.


Here's a picture of it on my front lip of my WRX. I put 2 coats of clear on it, gave it a bit of a semi gloss finish. I also did my center console with the stuff. Same great result.


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How is the texture of Plasti-dip, and how durable is it? What is your experience with it laff?


I have a slight concern with how the painter's tape will come off with the Plastidip, if it'll create edges that will start peeling as the pseudo-lip is attached to the bumper. Like videos from dipyoucar.com worked with edges attached to trims, windows, or body panels.


Would just primer achieve a matte black look (like OEM unpainted polyurethane trim)? The front lip looks good, dspurgin. I will look into Dupli-color. My lip may be slightly harder to work with, as it is stuck with the bumper.


Plastidip sounds good 'cause it can peel right off if it doesn't look good.

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