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Looking for info on 98 Legacy

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Hello everyone! I am new to these forums (and Subarus!) so just thought I'd make my first post!


I am 17 and just got my first car! It's a 1998 Subaru Legacy. It's a fairly basic car with manual windows, manual mirrors and no power locks... but it'll get the job done!


Anyway... I was hoping you guys could give me some information on maybe this year Legacy specifically? Are they reliable cars? Are there any widely known issues with these vehicles? Etc... I am just looking for FACTUAL information from actual subaru owners instead of doing a google search and 80% of the stuff I find being bullshit. ANY information would be fantastic!


YEAR: 1998



TRAN: Automatic

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Read the 2nd gen stickies first. These are great cars. I'm assuming yours is a 2.2l. It's a great engine that is very reliable. Maintenence and wear items should be all you have to worry about.
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Manual windows? That is so cool! Lots of first gen owners swap to manual windows.


They are great DDs. Like joel says, keep up on the maintenance and you're set. Very reliable. There are lots of nice upgrades (suspension, brakes, wheels, etc.) you can do along the way.

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but this ones the stick


I actually really like the rims you have on your 96 Legacy... forgive me if this is a stupid question but are they factory or aftermarket?? ...if they are aftermarket what are they called??

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