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WTB Crappy 215/45/17 tires


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Hi people.


Wondering if anybody want to get rid of their old tires. My friend is clunking his 08 wrx and he has brand new Sumitomo tires that are about 2 months old, that he is going to give me. I have snow tires on my OEM wheels already and they are pretty much brand new. SOOO....im looking for a crappy set to put onto his wheels and take the Sumitomos and store them in my garage until I need them.


Looking to pay Low Money for them. Need them by sunday and will drive locally to pick them up

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I have a set of direzza dz101s in that size that are relatively low on tread kicking around unmounted. They're in Nashua, NH waiting to get burned off on the nissan - just how "low money" were you thinking?
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