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Advice on Quality Gauges to Replace Prosport


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I am currently running 5 auxiliary gauges:

Prosport Digital Boost

Prosport Digital EGT

Prosport Oil Pressure

Prosport Engine Temp


AEM UEGO Wideband O2

As I was warned 2 years ago, the Prosport gauges have all failed. Not completely, but several numeral “sections” have burned out in the center of the gauges. The “sweep” still works, but I can’t read the numbers any longer. I bought them mainly due to the fact that they were reported to be easy to install.

Now, I am looking to replace them all (and keep the AEM—which is great). I checked out AEM, and they don’t sell a digital EGT gauge, which is a bit surprising. But, I’d like a matching set. I can get an AEM EGT in analog, but would prefer digital.

Any suggestions on gauges to replace the 4 Prosports listed above? And, if you can comment on quality, ease of installation (controller set-up, etc.), and anything else you may have in the way of advice, I’d appreciate it.


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DEFI white racers.




Great gauges that work very well.


If you want gauges that are actually useful as gauges, digital ones are not the way to go. Analog gauges are much more "user friendly" at speed. They are less distracting, easier to read, and typically more accurate. Set them up so that normal behavior has the needles pointing straight up, so at a glance you can see when something is out-of-whack.


Quality of the DEFI stuff is top notch, and installation is just as easy as any other gauge.

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Thanks BAC. I have heard good things about DEFI, but didn't know any specifics. I like your suggestion about analog. I went with digital purely for looks, but you're correct that you have to "read" them instead of glancing. The perimeter "sweep" on the Prosports were nice and gave an analog aspect to the gauges, and they are actually the only things still working. So they're my gauges for now. I will check the link you provided.


Thanks again.

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I have Defi Racer white gauges. One for oil pressure, one for boost. Awesome gauges, accurate, match the dash cluster. Only 2 issues: 1) price. they are not cheap 2) lack of features. it's a bone basic gauge, no "peak" reading, brightness adjustment, etc. it'll auto-dim but that's it.


defi has a much more expensive setup that has all of those features i believe, but i'm not kidding when i say it's really, really expensive.

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It looks like Defi will be what I install. Prosport also does not require the controller--another reason I bought them. I guess after spending over 20K on this build, I guess this isn't so bad. The ~20K includes a hefty engine build cost, as I blew the stock internals (bent valves on over-rev--my fault). And while I do some things myself, because I work in the Middle East, I farm out the big projects. I did my clutch, coil-overs, brakes, etc. I just don't have enough time at home to break down an engine, as I am only back 2 weeks every 3 months.


Thanks to all for the advice.


Here's my car in the vBGarage if you're interested. http://legacygt.com/forums/vbpicgallery.php?do=view&g=1726

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