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im planing on swapping the engine out of my 97 legacy gt wagon(hush im building a sleeper) lol and i wanted to know which engines will fit it, its the dohc 2.5 now what would be the easiest and fastest engine wiring ecu swap to do on it? after its in the car and running i can build it from there. ive just heard way to may diff stories on what will fit and what wont ya know
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skimmed threw some of it already


skimming though it won't give you your answers. You actually need to read it.


Every single engine that directly bolts into your car is listed in this thread that I made




The link that was posted by monkey is a great read as well. It has all your answers.


I spent a lot of time writing that stuff.


Its nice to see that people actually care enough to read it.


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