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Wot logs in need of review


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Hello everyone I just flashed my car today, I did some wot logs one in sport mode and the other in sport#


Can anyone inform me if there are any issues showing in my logs thank you


I noticed there is some high numbers in the fine knock correction. Is this just because of the ECU learning or something else? I also had the AC on while logging


I would greatly appreciate any barney style breakdown of how my logs are looking Than you

datalog3 sport mode 6july2012.csv

datalog5 sportsharp 6july2012.csv

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By stateing you have s and s# I know the vehicle is 07+ but please provide us with a little more info.




did you flash stg 1 or stg2? What mods do you have?


Based on the logs you can see there is some learned knock from prior events in the higher rpm/load range and that your boost is all over the place.




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It is an 08 legacy GT completely stock and automatic. The first map I used was the 91 ATv 301. I did WOT logs in Sport mode and sport sharp. I reviewed the logs and noticed that in the 4500rpm - 5500rpm range. I was getting fine knock learning numbers of -2.8 to -4.2 in sport mode. In sport# mode I was getting -2.45 through -3.8 for fine knock learning, and it seemed as if it was occurring more often than in regular sport mode. The weird thing was, that there was absolutely no Feed knock correction ever applied to the fine knock learning. and it seemed to get worse after each log.


I contacted cobb and they told me to use the ACN 91 ATv 301 map. Their reasoning was it was probably fuel as I live in Kansas and 91 octane is the highest grade available.


Now under the new map i am getting lower and less frequent Fine knock learning in the same RPM range as the other map. The numbers are from -2.8 to -1.05. There is also Feed back knock correction occurring with the second map that did not happen with the first map. Why would this be? when the numbers were worse on the first map. I noticed the A/F correction and learning values seem worse with the ACN map.


My question is which map looks safer to run on my car? the 91ATv 301 or the 91ACN? Why would the first map not correct for the extreme fine learning values? and what the heck would make me boost erratically as my rpms go up shouldnt the boost consistently climb with it until the go down?

Also, I see worse numbers between sport mode and sport sharp why would this be if all it does is adjust throttle?

Thanks for the info I hope this can clarify the situation.

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