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05 LGT H7 running Lights blowing every few months

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Hi all.


I purchased my 05 LGT back in October 2011. Since purchasing the car I already bought 4 replacement bulbs for my low beam H7 bulbs and I just had another blow yesterday. It seems like one side will blow and 2 months later the other side will, and vise-versa. Is this a common problem? I tried searching thru the forums but the seaches came back sketchy. I originally got the Silverstar Ultra's but had two blow so now just for the sake of money Im getting just regualar Sylvania's. I also use new poly gloves when touching the bulb to make sure no finger grease gets on it. Anyone else went through this problem and what ya'll do?


On a side question: Whats your take on bulb grease? Use it or no?


TL;DR: H7 bulbs keep blowing. What do?


Thanks in advance

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