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Test connectors for 08 GT Accessport install?


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Does an 08 Legacy GT have "Green" test connectors? I have read conflicting stories some say yes deep under the passenger carpet.


Other sources say that 08 Legacy doe not have connectors to plug in like the older models when using accessport.


Can anyone tell me for sure if I can plug my accessport straight in or do I need to connect test connectors first for a 2008 Legacy GT thanks

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do not plug the green test connectors in when using the AP for 08


Ok so just the obdII port.


The instructions are confusing they talk about AP sub-001 and AP sub-002 and using the green test connectors but it doesnt say jack in regard to the AP sub-003 models using the test connectors or not. So I wanted to double check thanks. Before I fry something.

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