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Wheel Repair?


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I've had a crappy week... ended up having to work late on Monday for coverage as one of the managers had to go home sick so I got out at 10pm to find a flat tire. Turns out I ran over a nail. I had to work yesterday morning too so I dropped it off at W. Glenn Sedam in Perry as they are right near my work to get plugged.


I went back on my break to pick up my wheel/tire and paid then went out to grab the wheel... That's when I saw that they fucked up (excuse the language) my wheel. There are gouges all along the inside where their machine dug into my wheel. I have no idea why they felt it was necessary to pull the tire off the wheel to pull a nail and insert a plug, but they did. Needless to say, but I was pissed! I made them give me a refund and I got in writing that they will cover repairs.


I went in with this:




And here's what they did:












As you can see they did a number on my wheels. The gouges are actually pretty deep... deep enough that they would need to be filed down before the wheel can be repainted. If they are filed down will the wheel still balance properly? Where can I go to get a quote? Any help is appreciated!

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sorry mate... I have a similar story to tell about wheels, I get to that sometime this week - maybe. But yes, if they have agreed to repair these then find a place that has a good reputation from people you know and that damage can be repaired and the wheel will balance properly after - you're lucky this damage is on the back, you don't need a perfect repair (I know you want perfect) but you don't need a perfect color match etc. because it is on the back... so this will get fixed and be a distant memory in good time...
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You have to take the tire off the rim to repair a flat.


Your wheel can still be balanced with the scratches regardless of whether or not they get filled.


If this situation happened to me, I wouldn't care. If you really want to get them fixed, I'm sure any body shop would do it. I give props to the shop for making it right, but I wouldn't bother wasting their money.

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Well I'm with OP on this one - just because it's on the inner portion of the wheel barrel doesn't mean it's acceptable; if it wasn't that way when you left it there they should fix what they did. When I had my Volk's powder coated I stood over the technician's shoulder on all 4 wheels to make sure they didn't gouge the wheels mounting and balancing the tires - they managed just fine with supervision :cool: Hardly see this as wasting their money, especially if you're someone who takes pride in how you care for their car.
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