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Faded Rockblocker - possible to restore?

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I have the front half of my hood/mirrors/lights done up with 3M Rockguard (or similar product). I noticed it's quite faded and dull looking.. is it possible to restore it to a "like new" condition, or is it time it be redone?



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Not really. That stuff isn't meant to last forever. Usually if you get three or four years out of it then you are doing pretty good. The fading and yellowing is usually in the material itself. You could try polishing it with a really light polish, but that will likely haze it and this kind of thing doesn't un-haze easily. I know Diamondite makes things specifically for clear materials like this, but I haven't found anything that really works well without causing other issues.


If this is the same material you've had on since '05 or '06 then you have definitely gotten your money's worth out of it and it may be time to replace it. Pictures would definitely give me more to go off of though. It may be something you can save.


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Alright. I'll take some pictures tomorrow when the sun's back up. ;)


I'd like to see if I can save it first though, it's slightly thicker than anything the local shops put on it now. I looked at my buddy's new STI, the Rock Guard they put on that stuff is paper thin.

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