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'97 Legacy Wagon with Smokin' Rear Brake..

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I have a '97 Legacy Wagon... Third Legacy.. I had a '91, and '93..

I replaced the rear brake pads the other day and today was the first time out. When I got home the right rear wheel area was smoking. When I replaced the pads I made sure to grease up the slides and I noticed that the caliper piston seal was torn. Is this the cause of the smoke? I replaced the pads because the right side had worn down to just about nothing.. ungreased slider I thought.. Left side was perfect but I replaced both sides of course.

Sorry of this sounds cryptic. lol..

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I took it all apart again this morning and cleaned it up. I pushed the caliper piston all the way out and cleaned around the piston and seal with some brake cleaner on a Q-tip, then greased it all up again. One thing that I did find was the slots on the back pad had a few small burrs on them from when they were manufactured. I used a file on the slots on both pads to help them slide better. I'll find out how well it all works in just a bit.
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