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Snapped Sway Bar - Can someone recommend a replacement?


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I have a 2005 Legacy GT with about 106K miles.


Sometime in late '06 or maybe early '07, I installed Cobb sway bars front and rear with the factory end links. I used the "less harsh" setting on the rear and have loved the cars handling.


This weekend, while driving on a winding country road and having a blast, I hit a small bump mid corner and hear a pop followed by something dragging the road. The front sway bar snapped clean in two about 6" or so inboard on the passenger side.


Cobb of course no longer makes sways. I would like to replace it with something that will fairly well match the Cobb rear as I do not want to do both. Anyone care to recommend a brand? Obviously something with good fit and no sweaks, rattles, or other noises is preferred.


Thanks in advance for the help.

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Or you can get a Hotchkis front bar since COBB just rebranded it in the first place. ;)


I don't believe you can buy these anymore unless the GB goes through and infamous orders a bunch of 'em. Even then, I've only seen them sold in sets (F/R)

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Not currently in stock :(

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I appreciate the advice. I will definitely get some pics up. As of right now, the broken end is duct-taped up to the suspension arm so it isn't dragging pavement.


I didn't know Cobb just rebranded Hotchkis bars, but I am not surprised they weren't making them. That being said, I haven't been able to locate any Hotchkis bars to fit my ride.


For what it is worth, Cobb customer support was nice and they actually took the time to make sure they didn't have any more around anywhere to replace it for me. They recommended Whiteline, too.


The Whiteline 22mm is adjustable. Any suggestion on which setting? I can change if necessary but the less I have to fool with it, the better! Thanks again.

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Not going to find just a rear. Noting is unbreakable. Sucks it happened. But it can happen. Funny Cobb recommended a Whiteline as a replacement. But, unless I go ahead with another production run, it would make sense. I too would recommend Whiteline at this time.
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Every brand sway bar made can and has broken. I have seen some mighty twisted Whitelines before too. It is the nature of a torsion bar.


They need to be greased at EVERY oil change:eek:

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This isn't the first time I have heard of a Cobb sway bar breaking. I hope mine hold up


Mine just broke on me. I came across this thread to see if it had happened to others.


Mine was installed in the spring of 2007. So it lasted about 5.5 years and about 90,000KM.


I had replaced the bushings on it last year when we found they were loose.

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5.5 years, 60k miles and how much snow/salt/exposure to elements? I see you are in Canada. Probably not bad for a hollow bar that most likely never was re-coated or painted. Most sway bars I see from Canada have lots of cancer.


Yup, driven year round and the paint was worn off at the bushing with some pitting of the metal.


See pic.


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Being hollow might be part of the problem. A whiteline 22mm solid bar would be a good match. They are similar in stiffness.


+1 on this!


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