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Oil Sender Postion

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Hello @ all.


1. my english is not very godd, sorry, i will do my best.

I have an JDM legacy GT-B.

Today I have installed Oil Pressure and temperatur senders at sandwich platt near Oil filter.


In german (i am ) Forums, guys said, the best postion for the sender ist on the top of the block (for temp) and near default pressure (or switching). The postion at oil Filter are very unexatly.


Now I removed the topmounte Air cooler

(s. pic).



But there is no space to handle

I see only one unused plug (red circle) on the top, I think cylinder 1(?) . But also not enough space for the sender.


I it quit diffrent like Impreza or other single Turbos

Did anyone have en idea, or is teh best postion really at the bottom/Oil filter.


best regarts


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There are very few people on here with your set up, we are stuck with NA's here in the states. IIRC people tee off of the factor sensor location in the front of the motor under the alternator. Check on nasioc, they will have more information then we will.
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what he just said.


The stock sender is only for the "car is broken" light. Oil goes through the pump, through the filter, and then right to the top galleys. So the difference between the two locations is only going to be the pressure drop across the filter.

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Hello @all.

Yesterday I removed the TMIC. Now I also removed the black tubes at teh red cicle. I think it is from water-cooling System.


the problem with the Sandwichplat is, that I also have an oil.Cool at this place. The differnce temperture between the Oil.filter and the top is not a problem. the problems are two sandwichplates at the Oil-Filter. The filter is the lowst point at the car.


Today i try to clamping the screw in the red circle., but it is very strong. ther is enough place for the temp-Sensor.


The stockl sensor for pressure will be removed to my Sensor for the gauge.


thanks best regards


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