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05 LGT High pitched whine

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I'm relatively new to this forum and just picked up this LGT . The seller is a top notch guy, told me everything that was wrong with the car, negotiated a deal for some of the problems and made the purchase very easy. On the test drive there were no odd noises at all. After purchasing the car and about 80 miles into the 975 mile drive home, I started hearing a really high pitched whine that would go off and on.


Here is a list of all the things I've figured after driving hearing this:

It is speed related, the faster you go the higher the pitch.

Pitch does not change when you depress the clutch or take it out of gear.

It has certain speed ranges where it makes the noise.

The pitch of the noise does not change under load like when climbing a hill or accelerating on the flat.

Seems to be coming from the left side.


I've kind of figured that it is something rubbing since it is a variable frequency and I think that at certain speeds, whatever is rubbing reaches its natural harmonic frequency which is when I can hear it. It got a bit better by pushing out the rotor splash shields but didn't completely eliminate the sound.


I don't think it is the transmission or the differential just by what I've observed. The seller had all fluids replaced about 4 weeks ago and not many miles on it. I don't think its vacuum related because it makes the same sound no matter what boost or vacuum it reads.


Any help figuring this out would be greatly appreciated, I love the car and everything seems to work fantastically, just this one little noise that is bugging me.


Thanks in and advanced,


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Don't think its wheel bearing, its not consistent enough and loading it one way or the other doesn't change it.


It sounds like a rubbing squeal sound, outside the car you can hear something metallic rubbing.

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If it's not a rock in the brakes, I'm thinking rear wheel bearing.


Mine whined for about 8,000 miles before I figured it out. It sounded like the tranny was loud.


Is the car a 5mt ?


If it's a front wheel bearing you'll hear a faint rumble every now then, then the car will seem loose sometimes.


A rear bearing may change noise thru big curves, when on a flyover.


You can also have someone sit in the back seat and listen for noise.



BTW, I think that's a pretty nice ride.

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My 05 always make a whine on the highway, if you really listen. It also makes the cycling whine from the TB area when on driving about 70mph.


It also has the whistle from the drivers mirror at 50 mph.


The tranny sounds like a bucket of rocks when you lift off the throttle and coast down hill with the tranny in higher gears. I normally put it in neutral.

305,600miles 5/2012 ej257 short block, 8/2011 installed VF52 turbo, @20.8psi, 280whp, 300ftlbs. (SOLD).  CHECK your oil, these cars use it.


Engine Build - Click Here

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Thanks for all the input.


My plan is to take the front left wheel off and check the splash shield for a rock or anything. I'm kind of thinking its this because when we pushed it back it definitely got better and it doesn't look like the splash shield itself is close enough to rub.


I'm thinking it has to be something like that because of how random and intermittent the sound is and will all the sudden go from being there to completely gone.


I knew that Subies don't like it when the tires are not pumped evenly so I stopped to make it sure it wasn't that and it didn't seem to change anything.


Keep the help coming, I'll update after I try this out.



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