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Mishimoto ATF Cooler?

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Ok guys back in March when I broke and replaced my Radiator with a Mishimoto, I bought a Mishimoto ATF Cooler. I bought it before realizing that the previous owner had installed a Hayden. I ended up not using this one and have a question for you guys. Should I sell it or install it in series with the Hayden? I ask because I have a cousin in LA, owns a 2004 WRX, who told me that i should install it with the Hayden. Is this worth it or am I better of selling it thanks?
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Here's a pic of the Hayden. I was told it was a Hayden, if that is wrong let me know.







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It's pretty easy to mount through the fins.


Get yourself a ATF thermostat and install that. If your ATF temps look good the sell the cooler. If they are still looking to be to warm the install the other cooler.


Does the mishimoto have a temp bypass feature? If not, I might look into a trucool unit if you find you need a second.

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Not currently in stock :(

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