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2008 Legacy Coilovers

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Hi All,


I've searched around and couldn't find anything regarding this subject. If I missed it, sorry.


I have a stock '08 2.5i (not SpecB), 5-Speed.


I'm interested in coilovers and saw Raceland has coilovers but for the Impreza (08 & up). Would these fit the Legacy? If not, is there a way to make it work?


I know there are tons of coilovers out there for our cars, but money is the main factor. I would rather not spend $1000+ for adjustable coilovers even though they are most likely higher quality. I'm not looking to track the car or anything... just normal, fun daily driving.



"Subaru Impreza GH Coilover Kit"


If these coilovers won't fit, anyone has any other suggestions for coilovers that are around the same price, I would appreciate it.


Thanks for your help!

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try to see if BC will fit your car. I have them on both of mine and love them. I even go on the track with them. Sometime there are sales and you can get them for under 1000. Usually they are 999.99
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