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The Official Legacy Wheel Fitment Thread


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JDM Legacy Touring Wagon GT 2.0 DIT - BRG

Wheel: Ray's Engineering Homura 2x7 <~> 19 x 8 +48 in Spark Silver


Tire: KUMHO SPT KU31 <~> 225/40-19 93Y XL


Suspension: Blitz ZZ-R Damper #92777


Spring Rate: 7.0kg front 6.0kg rear

Spring Static length: 198mm

Damper Length Setting ( between spring preload and length nut ):

Front: 60mm

Rear: 40mm

Car height - ground to top of fender well:

Front: 664mm

Rear: 672mm

Damping Adjustment: 15 clicks from full hard front <~> 17 on rear















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Wheel brand/model: Enkei NT03+M (SBC)

Wheel height/width: 18x9.5

Wheel offset: +40

Tire size: 255/35/18 Dunlop Direzza ZII StarSpecs

Camber F/R: -1, -1.5

Lowered: RCE Tarmac coilovers, GTWorx camber plates

Modified Fenders: rolled & pulled

Miscellaneous: 5mm spacer in the front to clear the coilover with the inside of the wheel









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Wheel brand/model: Avarus by Savini AV8

Wheel height/width: 18 x 8

Wheel offset: +48mm

Tire size:235/40

Camber F/R: Stock

Lowered?: Stock Suspension

Modified Fenders?: No

Miscellaneous Suspension: None







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Wheel brand/model: Cosmis Racing Wheels Xt005rs

Wheel height/width: 18 x 9

Wheel offset: +25 all around

Tire size:225/40

Camber F/R: maxed out with isc top hats and whiteline camber kit

Lowered?: ISC coilovers

Modified Fenders?: pulled alot

Miscellaneous Suspension: megan racing adustable toe arms










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For all - if you're going to post in this thread, please copy the fitment "template" from the first post and fill it in, and post your pics.


If you need to ask questions about fitment, those questions, go here

- Pro amore Dei et patriam et populum -
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Wheel brand/model: Rotiform BLQ (mirror bronze)

Wheel height/width: 19x8.5

Wheel offset: +35

Tire size: 215/35/19 Falken FK453's

Camber F/R: approx -1.0 all around. toe 0*

Lowered: BC Racing extreme lows.

Modified Fenders: rolled all 4 corners. slight pull.

Miscellaneous: 15/32 F, 17/32 R



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Wheel brand/model: Enkei rpf1

Wheel height/width: 17x9.5

Wheel offset: 38

Tire size: 235/40

Camber F/R:1.5 2.5

Lowered?: ISC coils low

Modified Fenders?: none

Miscellaneous Suspension: none



and damn lots of recent rpf1 purchases



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18x8, 40 offset,,,, str wheels . rolled all around on kyb struts and tein s techs..225/40 tires


shitty cell pics ill get better ones up soon as i can




I love your car, but I love you more as a person...:spin:



here's where I sit rob..we're not there yet, but were slowly but surely making progress :woowoo:


wheels - Cosmis Racing 005-xtr

specs - 18x9

tires - 205/40/18 for now..smaller sidewall coming soon!!!

offset - +25

lowered - coilovers

f/r camber - not enough

modified fenders - rolled flat and slightly pulled.



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Wheel brand/model: Privat Klassics

Wheel height/width: 18x9.5

Wheel offset: +30

Tire size: 225/40/18 Falken FK453's

Camber F/R: -1/ -2 ( I think)

Lowered: MEGAN Coilovers.

Modified Fenders: rolled all 4 corners. Pulled in the front and slight in the rear

Miscellaneous: Rubs on front bumper tabs on big bumps




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Not too much 3rd Gen business going on so here's my simple setup... Sorry for the crap-tastic iPhone pictures.


Wheel brand/model: Drag DR-31

Wheel height/width: 18x8

Wheel offset: +48

Tire size: Michelin Pilot Sport Plus, 235/40-18

Camber: Currently unknown

Lowered?: No

Fender mods?: None

Suspension mods?: None


Fitment it perfect, but because of the way my mud flaps are mounted there is very slight rubbing going on when I'm in reverse at full lock. This could easily be solved by slicing off part of the interior flap, a project I plan to handle one afternoon this winter.



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Wheel brand/model: Rota G Force

Wheel height/width: 17x8

Wheel offset: +48

Tire size: 225/45/17

Camber F/R: Stock

Lowered?: TEIN Basis Coilovers

Modified Fenders?: Both rolled, but not needed

Miscellaneous Suspension: Perrin front sway bar, pro sport LCA bushings.



A very great DD setup with the ability to go low and not get into a large amount of suspension work. PM me with any questions, glad to help anyone.







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Wheel brand/model: Enkei Raijin Gunmetal

Wheel height/width: 18x8

Wheel offset: +42

Tire size: 225 40 R18

Camber F/R: Need to get an Alignment soon stock camber

Lowered?: Tein H-Tech's

Modified Fenders?: Rolled rears (Not harsh) Need to roll front.

Miscellaneous Suspension: Saggy butt spacers for H-Tech






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Enkei TPS6 hyper silver

18x8 +45 offset

235/40/18 tires

Bilstein & Cobb springs w/ saggy butt spacers in rear







I was 0.




And I'm still a zero.



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Wheel brand/model: Audi fat fives

Wheel height/width: 17x7.5

Wheel offset: +32

Tire size: 225 45 17

Camber F/R: 2ish front, a little less in the rear needs an updated alignment

Lowered?: yes, Cobb springs, with konis

Modified Fenders?: rolled

Miscellaneous Suspension:SPC camber bolts up front.





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Wheel brand/model: Konig Integram

heel height/width: 18x8

Wheel offset: 45

Tire size: 225/40/18 Goodyear Eagle Sport

Camber F/R: N/A

Lowered?: Eibach Pro-kit/KYB GR2 struts

Modified Fenders?: nope

Miscellaneous Suspension: None yet


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Update to Post #42.


2005 Satin White Pearl Legacy GT Limited Wagon, Taupe Leather, 5MT


Wheels - Tires

Wheels are Advan RCIIs 18x8.5, +45

Tires are Michelin Pilot Sport AS3es 235ZR/40-18. 36PSI F/ 34PSI R



Bilstein HDs and Swift Wagon Springs (F), iON HD Wagon Springs ® 1.25" drop at both ends.

JDM 20mm RSB

AVO PU SB Bushings F/R

AVO RSB Braces

Whiteline KTA124 - Rear Control Arms (Camber and Toe)

AVO Offset LCA Bushes

Whiteline KCA313 - Bumpsteer / Roll Center Correction Kit

KB Front/Rear Endlinks


Alignment settings

Caster- .5* Pos Caster

Camber Setting Front: -1.5, Rear: -1.0, 0* cross-camber

Toe Setting F/R: 0*








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Wheel brand/model: Hyperblack Rota G-Forces

Wheel height/width: 18x9

Wheel offset: +35

Tire size: 235/40/18 Kuhmo Ecsta pa31

Camber F/R: ~1.5/~3

Lowered: ~1" BC BR Coilovers

Modified Fenders: Rolled and slightly pulled front and rear

Miscellaneous Suspension: Whiteline rear camber kit





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Wheel brand/model: 3sdm 0.06

Wheel height/width: 18x9.5

Wheel offset: +35 (effective +10 with 15mm spacers)

Tire size: 215/40/18 sailun

Camber F/R: ~2/~6

Lowered: hsds

Modified Fenders: Rolled and pulled front and rear

Miscellaneous suspension: anti bumpsteer, camber kits



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