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westu37's 05 OB XT LTD CGP


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Hey all,

Got around to taking some pics recently. No major mods so far.


-vf52 installed when I bought it

-phatbotti tuned after turbo install

-custom up-pipe cat delete(welded 2.75'' pipe in place of the cat)

-cat back magnaflow exhaust


Just got the whiteline rear adjustable sway bar; will install shortly..

ordered the bilstein hd set-up, got spec b springs and all hardware

$1000 dollars later.....


found a set of asa wheels on CL and painted the centers gold....








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got the rear sway bar on Friday...

Haven't been able to get on one of our "back" roads yet, but around town aready notice a more compliant rear end, especially out of the sloped driveway...

Wheels have all the rubber mounted for now...225/40r18's The tires are small for my taste, but free is for me right now, especially with 7/32" of tread left....

Hard not to put the wheels on, but they just won't look right until the struts go on.....

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Look into Nameless Performance:






[ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WC2uBmWtJtQ]2006 Subaru Outback XT Nameless Performance AxleBack - YouTube[/ame]

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had to put Teins in the front to get the nice stance, otherwise I have the 1/2" spacer in the rear with stock spec-b springs. I'll drive it like this for a while untill I want more handling, but damn, what a difference!
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Bilstein HD's, right?

Whiteline rear sway, right?

tein H???or S??? in front?

Spec B springs in rear? USDM Spec B sedan???

spacers? where, how thick?


Did you have the Spec B front spings mounted at some point? If so, what was the height difference beteween those (in front) and the stock OBXT stuff?


And is there an offset difference between your 18" wheels and the stock 17's?


Ride quality? Are (were) the spec B springs too soft?

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Yes Bilstein HD's

Teins were purchased used from Craigslist, could not find any markings to designate if they were s or h

Stock spec b in the rear with 1/2 inch spacers from rallitec, i think (also got the longer studs for the top-hats)


The first darker pictures in post #17 is with the stock spec-b springs.

The offset for the 18's are 38 i believe, but I'll double check. They are ASA ar1's afaik.

the spokes were originally black, I sprayed them gold



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