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2012 pearl white outback for the wife


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Just picked it up last Wednesday. Very happy to bring the wife over to the Subaru game. Looks good in the driveway next to my 05' gt wagon. Very impressed with the size and comfort of the outback. Downsizing is never easy but comming from an Acura mdx the outback, thou clearly a smaller car, doesn't skimp on interior space for five at all. I hope to have this car for at least 7 years being its the first brand new car we as a family have ever purchased. 2.5i premium. White on taupe (Subaru won't do a black cloth interior on whit WTF!?), winter package, CVT (went in for a 6speed- given a lot of negotiating room on the CVT), remote start, Bluetooth. Very happy with the value given what you can shop it against in the mid 20's. Just wish it was quicker but I suppose that's what the gt's for. Gas mileage a big plus over the mdx for sure-



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