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'04 LGT A/T Shifter Knob and Boot Questions


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Hey Guys I've been reading around the board and I've been left with some questions regarding replacing the shifter knob in my '04 Legacy.


I've found some replacement knobs that include a button since my car requires a button for shifting out of park.


But I'm left with a few questions about the rest of the process.


The main reason I have decided to buy a new shifter is because the plastic that moves with the shifter has broken and exposed the workings of my shifter.


So here's my question: Where can I find a replacement bit of plastic for this.


I've seen a few people that have replaced their A/T shifting panel with a manual style boot. Will my car be able to accomodate a boot in the same fashion? It is the A/T that shifts in a straight line not a staggered type, I'm not sure if that matters or not.


Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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