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1996 twin turbo-no power, bad fuel consumption


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hey all,


so i have a 1996 ej20 subaru legacy jdm version here in kenya. we just replaced the engine on it and cant get it to run properly. dont have access to very good and reasonably priced mechanics. everyone we have gone to is trial and error and yet the same thing is wrong with car.


when you start it in the morning it needs a few minutes of you stepping on the gas pedal till it gets warm otherwise it cuts dead. when warm it idles rough. when you drive you have to have the car in high revs for it to move from a stand still position and guzzles a lot of fuel.


i have researched and have found it hard to find anything. i did get a code 22 which i believ is the knock sensor. however i dont think that this is the problem.


when i connected the black and green connectors the car seemed to run fine, however when disconnected them it went back to its issues.


any insight would be great.



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The twin-turbo models air intake/tmic system was rather complex, with several valves to route air depending one what turbo was supplying boosted air when. Chance are rather high that when you replaced the motor, you either created air leaks up there, or knocked off one of the many vacuum hoses running to said valves. Then there's the MAF sensor that was prone to failure at best of times, it may have simply failed at the same time due to mechanical coincidence.




Paul Hansen



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