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Dynomaster app


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There's an app available in the android market called dynomaster. It allows you to take realtime readings of your car like a dyno. Although you can't tune with it, it does allow you to see how your cars running. So you can save a profile of each time you use it or whatever, save what your setup is, conditions, and what you put down. Plus there's a map, such as google earth or sometheing showing where you are. I don't know what else it does, but it does intrigue me. Costs $4.99 and I think you need a bluetooth obd2 sensor to use it which you can get off ebay for around $30. So $35-$40 to see exactly how your cars running and what your putting down. Has anyone tried this app? I already have the obd2 sensor, I just don't wanna spend the money if the app is garbage. Any opinions on the Dynomaster app?
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