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New Clutch more noise


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Well my 05 OBXT has had a throw out bearing squeal. So my buddy and I decided to change out the bearing as well as the clutch and pressure plate. Job was straight forward and the biggest issue was splitting the motor and trans. Throw out bearing was almost seized with very little movement. Snout looked ok. Clutch was worn and the pressure plate had a little blue in some spots. Flywheel had a couple of hot spots all so. Without a machine shop locally and no cash for a new one we decide to leave intact. No grooves or cracks in the flywheel. Reinstalled everything without a hitch. Filled tranny with redline and amosil syn fluids. Exactly a week to the day Im getting a crazy noise up front. Doesn't last long but its there. Not all the time. Almost like a teeth grind. Thought it was axles. Sorry not much to go on but looking for a possible check list to start from. Thanks
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