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Weird AEM UEGO A/F readings


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Usually at idle and under normal throttle, my UEGO A/F ratio runs between 14.6 and 15.0. The weird thing is lately, if I stop, turn the car off, (say to fill up with gas), and then start the car to drive away, the A/F ratio reads in the low 13's, even while driving, then after a few minutes snaps back to its normal reading. Should I be concerned or is this the beginning of the sensor going bad.


Sensor is in a Cobb downpipe, right behind the turbo outlet.

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Sounds normal.


You're at stoich when cruising and then upon restart, the ECU runs more fuel as an after-start enrichment. After that time period is over, the ECU is back in closed loop and runs stoich at part-throttle cruise.

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