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Trade 09 2.5i for 08 LGT


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I think this may be my first post on this forum, but i have been on here a while and do a lot of searching rather than asking.


On to the point. I have a DGM 09 2.5i NON-limited 5MT w/ 40000 miles, and found a silver 08 LGT Limited with the 5EAT an 90000 miles. I love my legacy and made the mistake of not buying a gt in the first place. I am certain with the price they have it listed i could walk in with my car and walk out with the other without paying a dime, maybe even bringing some money home.


I know about required maintenance like timing belt at 105, another major at 120k. Is there anything else I should know before moving any further with this decision? such as:


How do people like their 5EAT? I have never owned a car without a proper manual...


For an 08 to have 90k miles, it must have been a lot of highway. Is that good or bad as far as the Turbo is concerned? (guessing good)


If it has had proper maintenance, about when would i be expecting a turbo replacement?


These are things i can think of from the top of my head, but I would appreciate any input you all my have.


Thanks in advance!

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