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Body shop suggestion - rough idea of cost?


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Anyone have a recommendation for an affordable body shop in the DC/NOVA area?


Someone backed into my Legacy GT and scraped the hell out of the rear quarter / bumper.


This is a 2005, so I'm not looking for a perfect 100% expensive repair, but rather a cheap solution to clean it up.


Here's what the damage looks like:


From farther away so you can see how much damage there is:



Closer up:




Any suggestions? Really would like to keep the repair in the low hundreds range.

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I would recommend trying to see if you can wax/buff out the fender to look better. On the bumper route you can always take it off and have a shop paint it for you that way (you would get no blending of other panels going this route).


Shop wise a number of NASIOC/LGT members have recommended LM Body Shop in Springfield, VA.




On top of this you could always do a junkyard search for a front bumper cover in your color.




People on NASIOC are also giving you some great recommendations but hopefully one of these helps.

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