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Paid Suabru Legacy Focus group on 1/29/12 at Del Mar Fairgrounds!


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Anyone interested???


I'm going to my first ever paid focus group and it happens to be on the 2010 Subaru Legacy! They are going to pay me $125 cash money to take a 90 minute survey... not too bad if you ask me :)


They are in need of a few more participaints and it doesn't even have to be a 2010 Subaru legacy, i guess they're desperate so they said they will accept most 2009+ Cars


If you're interested send me an email cdinh @ sabritec dot com and i will forward you the information and I get $10 for every referral! :lol:

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I used to do a ton of focus groups when I was self employed and could easily make time. Some were pretty fun (movie/movie preview screenings) and some were whack (subway sandwich bread comparison) but my favorite was a Sailor Jerry focus group. Here have a shot. Here have another shot. We'll pay for your cab home if you need one.


The car ones I went to varied from more enthusiast based to more average consumer based. The best was one for smart cars when they were first coming to the US. Their goal was to decide whether or not to make smart dealerships integrated into mercedes dealerships like you see with Scion or to make them their own entity. I felt that these people really listened to the feedback we were giving. Some let you drive the new cars, some are strictly trim and body styling reviews... One was just a room full of seats, steering wheels, cup holders, and interior lighting options. Its hard to remember that they don't really care about you any more than another person just because you know 100X more than the people running the study. I enjoyed them more when they were put on by the manufacturer or their people were at least there to evaluate feedback. I feel like 3rd party companies that have no idea about the products shouldn't be conducting these studies unguided. One guy referred to a Scion TC as being a great platform for a triple charger for the aftermarket enthusiast.

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