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Amplifier and subwoofer wiring help


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Hey guys, I was just wondering how you would wire the system that I'm attempting to set up.


Amplifier: MTX TA5601 rated at 300W @ 4 ohms, 600W @ 2 ohms.


Subwoofer: MTX T5510-44 DVC @ 4 ohms per coil.


Speaking about the sub, I wanted to connect the positive to the positive terminal, and the negative to the negative.


This would bridge the voice coils and then I would take the positive of one coil and connect it to the corresponding positive on the amp, and with the opposite voice coil, I would take the negative and connect it to the corresponding negative on the amp.


My question is this: The amp is mono block, but there are two sets of terminals on it. Do I bridge those as well?


I can find a diagram to do what I originally planned via Rockford Fosgates wiring wizard, but it includes an amp with one set of terminals, not two.


I want to wire the amp for 600 watts @ 2ohms to a sub with DVC rated at 4 ohms each.


Any help?

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The "2" channels on the amp are generally bridged internally to "save" confusion. However, a lot of people do get confused in the end. When lookign at the RF wiring config guide just discount in your mind the fact that your amp has two seperate inputs and you will be fine.


You will need to wire the subs voice coils in parrallel to acheive a 2ohm load which means VC1pos to VC2pos to amp chan1pos and VC1neg to VC2neg to amp chan2neg

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^ All correct except for the terminology. The amp isn't bridged internally, it's just two posts for one channel. It makes it easier to wire two subs in some situations, so you don't have to stuff wires for two subs into one terminal. Just thought it was worth mentioning :)
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