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Legacy 2005 2.5i crank pulley wobble?

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I just noticed today a slight wobble that looks just like this


What should I be looking up to?


[ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nC3C2FPXBvA]Subaru Impreza - Crank pulley wobble - YouTube[/ame]


I've read woodruff key and harmonic balancer, other say it's the pulley itself...


What do you guys think?


Thanks again,



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Is it manual? Put it in gear and pull the hand brake tight, check to see if that bolt is tight. If it's loose you will want to pull off the pulley and check the key. Either way you can get the harmonic pulley and the key and they can be installed mostly easy, just don't drop the key into the timing cover!
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