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mid-bass mounting Gen 4 Legacy wagon.


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I have done a "rough" install of an upgraded audio system- so far:


Stock HU (radio and CD)

Parrot 9200

MS-8 (off speaker level front outputs of stock HU)

RS150 and Seas LPG crossed over at 24db 200/2000 and 2000 hi-pass respectively.

RS225 24db 80-200Hz

SPL-12 Sub 24db 80Hz lo-pass with 20Hz subsonic.

I have an Acer A500 tablet hardwired to the aux input of the MS-8 for internet radio and streaming.

1 Kenwood 90x4 amp (RS225 and RS150)

1 Lanzar 50x2 (Seas)

1 Kenwood monoblock (200W) for the SPL-12


Firstly, the Ms8 is awesome. Really, great at tuning and eq.

Front stage is in stock locations.

I have the equipment sort of hooked up in the rear luggage space with the SPL-12 firing back into the rear window.

The RS225 are in boxes sitting on the rear seat (very lame I know) but I'm not sure where these would be best mounted. The rear doors? Might be a stage issue and not sure there's room there. Also considered a "monster box" for the rear luggage area with the mid-bass, subwoofer and amps in a box going across the back luggage area. It will work I think but be damn heavy and cumbersome if I want to remove for more room.


Looking for your creative ideas/comments on where the mid-bass might be mounted. The RS225 need about 4" and 1 cu' in sealed configuration.

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No RS100:) ?




OEM Locations? Where are they & what drivers are where? I am assuming your RS225's are mounted low in your Doors & your LPG Tweeters are most likely mounted in your Sails?


I am not sure what you trying to accomplish-3-Way Up Front?


If you are going 3-Way, place your Mid as far forward as possible-Check PLD's.


See this:http://legacygt.com/forums/showthread.php/hybrid-audio-technologies-kick-user-manual-177182.html


Are you trying to go 2-Way up front & use the 6" Mids as "Rear Fill?" Rear Fill may make your Sound System louder, but it WILL pull your sound stage back.


I have NOT looked at the Specs of the LPG's, but I hope they play down to at least 1.5-2k. The RS225's get a bit wild before 2k...

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It's a 2005 Legacy Wagon. I have a 3-way with the 150s and LPG in stock front door locations, the RS225 are the drivers in question and the subwoofer is in the luggage compartment behind the rear seats.


My thoughts with the mounting location in the rear luggage is the "cone of perception" (or something like that where I read we can't localize mid-bass frequencies so long as they are about ear height and are in the same vertical plane). I don't see anyway to mount the 8" up front so I was trying for a "second best" location. The 8" are strictly for 80-200Hz. The 225's are cut off at 24db/octave at 200Hz. The 150s are in the stock front door locations and cut off at 200-2000hz @ 24db so I don't have beaming issues (they also have issues above 2khz). The LPGs are fine down to 2khz so that's their high-pass point.


I am not sure the 225s will mount in the rear doors but was wondering if someone had managed to stuff 8" woofers in those doors and /or if having the 225s in the rear is completely out of the question. The JBL does TA so that alignment is not an issue- only what my ear can hear regardless of alignment.

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Are you "Dead-Set" on 3-Way?


It may be your "Second Best Option," but not the right one. I feel that if you were Locate your 225's in the rear, you would be able to localize them-Assuming you will be playing them in the 80-200 HZ range.


From my experience, T/A works best between 200hz to 2kHz. -That's damn close & literally borderline W/ your 225's.


You can always try.


There are many ways of mounting 8"s in your front doors- I am not trying to be an ass, but I don't understand why you Opted for your Particular Drivers when they didn't fit your application. I assume there is more to it than that though...




If I were you, I would experiment & Most definitely follow this: http://www.diymobileaudio.com/forum/diyma-sq-forum-technical-advanced/74088-midbass-arrays-revisited.html -But I am sure you have been:)

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I was and as I read it, it seemed that if the mid bass were mounted at about ear level then I would be unable to localize them. In particular, mounted facing the roof in a box (holding the amps, MS-8, and the subwoofer facing the rear) then they would within the "cone of confusion" eg at ear level per this part of that thread: http://www.diymobileaudio.com/forum/technical-advanced-car-audio-discussion/74088-midbass-arrays-revisited-5.html. I fully admit I haven't done the math in the 80-150 range I was considering using the RS225 in but what do you think?
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