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Having plobems getting engine to bolt to auto tranns?

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long story short I did the head gaskets on my buddys 1992 wagon ( after just doing it to my 93' manual ) and we are having a helluva time getting the engine to bolt up to the auto tranny, we can get it most of the way but it won't go past that last 1/2-3/4" of and inch to bolt up correctly and its getting quite frustrating seeing how when I did it to mine i had the motor in bolted up and running in no time. Any suggestions?, is there a specific direction the torque converter needs to be in or tranny impute shaft?. not sure whats keeping it from going in!, done many a engine/tranny replacement and by far this last little bit has been the most frustrating!


thanks for any suggestions

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Yeah...it's a pain if the torque tube comes out too.

Man that thing was freakin hard to get in there. With

mine the input shaft had pulled forward a bit when I

took off the torque converter to change the seal. I had

to gently hammer it back in a bit til it looked like it lined

up with the seating of the torque converter.

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alrighty!, got the t-converter lined up and the engine back in but something is fubared , most likely from our previous attempts to get the motor in. started it up, put it in gear to back it out of the garage and tranny fluid dumped all over the place. Pump seal? , imput shaft seal?, any ideas?

man I hope we didn't completely mess up the tranny on this one.


can't wait to pull the engine again to see whats going on:nono:


oh and thanks for the info on tapping the imput shaft in, t-converter went in easily after that

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