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flexible flywheel 2007 legacy gt


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Does anyone know is the "flexible flywheel" as listed in what I believe to be the FSM for the MY 2007 legacy gt different than the dual mass flywheel? Is the flexible flywheel is the single mass flywheel?


This article also refers to "flexible flywheels" for 2007 outbacks. (http://www.topspeed.com/cars/subaru/2007-subaru-outback-ar33720.html) "A new two-piece flexible flywheel helps make performance smoother in all Outback models equipped with a manual transmission."


Also does anyone happen to have the specifications in a .pdf or such that would give the step height for the 2007 single mass flywheel? Thank you, -Tim

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I think what they are referring to is the what we call a dual mass. The Brits have odd names for things in the car world. Since you have an 07 you should have a single mass flywheel. Unfortunately I do not have any specs to give you though.





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OP when it comes time for you to replace your flywheel, which may be never. do not use a dual mass or flexabile FW.


Read this forum and the 4th gen forum lots of threads on clutch set ups.

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