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TGV cel problems

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HELLO I've been having a couple issue with my passenger side tgv's. I was getting a cel for pass side tgv stuck closed, replaced the tgv motor, reset ecu, code still there, car still stumbled since they were closed. I then replaced the tgv pos sensor (which is adjacent to the turbo on the pass side). I removed the old one straight out, installed new one straight in.


I am now getting a p2016 and 2021, which calls for circuit bank 1 & 2 low. Car drives better at idle, doesn't stumble, cel and cruise still on obv, can't hit full boost. I have researched how to reinstall the tgv sensor and have gotten multiple answers- don't need to clock it 90* and rotate it, just pop it on and its fine, some say you have to place the sensor connector side up on then rotate CCW 90* to preload the sensor. Please, can someone clarify this as it's very frustrating to me. SSM, in its entirety is difficult to navigate to a process on reinstallation. Sensor and motor are in working condition according to previous owner. I briefly removed the drivers side sensor which happens to be on the front of the tgv opposed to the rear like the pass side. I removed and reinstalled without any clocking and do not have codes for that side- maybe the motor sets the position and holds it?

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for anyone searching the forum for this, I will provide the feedback unlike lowwil and mention the fix but don't tell you what to do.


disc battery


Remove tgv motor (which is on the front of tgv housing on the pass side, and on the back of the drive side housing, tgv pos sensor is on the opposite sides as well)


Remove tgv pos sensor with 7mm ratchet, for the pass side you may need to remove the 8 12mm bolts that hold the tgv's onto the head, so that you can pull the manifold and tgv up in order to access the pass side 7mm sensor bolt(it's adjacent to the turbo).


ensure the tgv shaft is positioned vertical- like this--> |


place sensor on the shaft with the connector facing to the sky, rotate sensor outward so that the 7mm holes line up, make sure there is spring tension on the sensor, you will get a low voltage bank CEL if there is no tension on the sensor. you simply cannot place the sensor on the tgv housing and bolt it in.


Reiterate: Connector side up, place on housing, rotate 90* CCW for pass side, or 90* CW for drivers side, rotate back and forth to ensure the sensor is sprung.


reinstall 7mm bolts.


reinstall all other removed bolts, make sure electrical connections are good


torque 12mm tgv bolts per spec (30lbs? i think?)


check connections


reconnect battery




NOTE: FOR A INCORRECTLY INSTALLED TGV SENSOR, YOU WILL RECEIVE A P2021(drivers side sensor) OR P2016(pass side) CEL. These codes appear when the tgv sensors are not sprung before tightening down.

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