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I got these pics fm here: http://www.emotion-fuk.com/ . Was wondering if anyone can tell me how to get my hands on these headlights? I know they probably wont fit the USDM bumper but i plan on doing the JDM conversion in the near future anyway. I think they would look dead sexy on a SWP LGT w/ a CF hood and downright evil on a black one.



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Ahh...didnt realize it was already discussed. I did a search but i guess didnt use the right search string. $1k huh? hmm =)




JPY55,650 = USD512.336589 Jun 13...So i guess they are roughly $513 per light not to include shipping...

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And buying a new set of headlights to do the mods to. It is a complete unit, not a core return. If you bought them, you'd have two pairs of headlights. (including the ones I presume you already have on your car.)


This would be a new set of JDM headlights, probably NOT painted black (JDM 2.0 GT has black bezel headlights, like ALL USDM models. 3.0R has full chrome headlights, and Blitzen/WR Limited has satin silver painted bezels.)


Also, the JDM headlights have no amber reflector in them from the factory. So basically it is a set of JDM headlights with Angel Eye rings (and CF eyebrow) added.


Oh, and before I forget, they are Right Hand Drive low beam projectors, opposite pattern from what the US and Europe use with Left Hand Drive. So the projectors would need to be changed.


As for your question of worth,

I would think one could dissassemble a set of USDM headlights, pull the amber reflector, and add the parts for the Angel Eye rings onto a newly purchased pair of headlights for less than 513$, but depending on the parts, it might be close.

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Guest clawdnb
$1k is what the 'jdm' headlights for a wrx cost, my buddy had them....they are too hot, although i could never see paying that much for a set of headlites myself
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