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Help out Mach V: Need a no-wing '05 sedan for pic.

Mach V Dan

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We've got some very nice Syms rear lips in stock, but the picture we have is just Syms' own semi-lame picture. I need a sedan to be a model for a better set of pictures. I only own a wagon, so I'm no help. Keefe stopped in Saturday, but he's got a rear spoiler.


Any naked trunk '05 models in the area? Would you be willing to stop by to say hi? We'd only need a minute or two to plop the spoiler (temporarily) on the trunk and shoot a couple of digi-pics. You'd have my eternal gratitude.


Thanks in advance.



Mach V


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i've got a Regal Blue, no spoiler --- however the rear has been debadged and rebadged with the L7 badge ( I've still got the subaru stars badge though, could be stuck back on a second )



Let me know if that will work for you --- I could swing by on my lunch break any day this week except tuesday.

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