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used Legacy GT ...?


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I've been checking out a Legacy GT. I've been a nissan guy for a while now, but this car is looking to be a good deal. however I don't know to much about subarus..


So.. its a 1997 Legacy 2.5 GT, automatic, ac, side skirts, alloys, sunroof, newish tires, 125k miles --> 200k km.

The body is good - a few scratches, minor chips but no visible rust

The dealer says that when they got it they replaced the heatercore, and then both head gaskets. I've read a bit about the legacy and hear that the headgaskets are a problem... is this likely to occur again?


The car american, bought from some insurance broker in the states. The dealer is in Ottawa. He is asking 6950$ CND which is....5500 U$




I'm kind curious about the history of the car... The back of the passeger side seat was opened up, and there are a few panels missing from the trunk (that cover the light fixtures.) I was thinking maybe it was a drug runner :)


I don't suppose that anyone could look up the VIN? i can paypal a few bucks your way..



So is it worth it? The thought of snow drifting in AWD really temps me..

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Sounds like a good deal. We have had a 97 LGT wagon for years. Lots of fun.


Headblew at 60K and SOA replaced it with the new generation and it has 100K on the new head with no worries.


With snow tires we drive just as fast in the snow as we do on the dry. The AWD is unbeatable. Just start a slide and floor it. The car will pull straight every time. It kind of bugs be that I can not "easily" get it to drift.


We would be keeping ours but the new turbo 2.5 is to good to resist.


FYI - stock WRX brake rotors and calipers are bigger, bolt up with a $125 adapter and nearly free at any Subaru tuner shop. It was a huge difference and inexpensive upgrade.



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I traded my 99 GT LTD sedan for an 05 LGT LTD last month. Had 125k on the odometer. All I ever did was normal maintenance, 1 set of tires, and 1 set of brakes. Warrantee covered two small oil leaks, and the power antenna. Never a problem with it. Would have kept it, but evo is right - the 2.5 turbo is too good to resist! Rob M.
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