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Did I blow it up?

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Took the legacy GT to the track today. 750 miles on the ODO.

I'll be pissed if I blew it up. :eek:


Did a couple of runs with great reaction times (for me) of .003 and .008 and .010. Bogged it the first couple of runs, then launched around 3000 RPM.


Anyway it's notchy on the 3-4 Shift at about 85ish or so, I Can't get it to go into 4th gear on my 4th pass, IT finally goes in and lurches like I hit an anchor and Revs zing to 7500 or so.... I KNOW I didn't hit 2nd gear in the gates. IS there any tattle-tale device to let me know what my MAX RPM was? It's running okay, and there is no oil under the hood or on the track, so should I be petrified or what?


Warning : I'm gonna cross post this, so mods please don't kick my ass.

I'm just freaking out.

BTW It's running 15.5's at 91

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